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    I’m 22 years old now, living in Belgium and I don’t know what to do anymore. So, money has always been a problem since my parents divorced and while I was living at my fathers house when I was about 17 I started sportsgambling, I didn’t have much money back then, I didn’t have to pay bills etc. so it was just something I’d do once in a while with small amounts of money, it wasn’t really a problem because I had no rent to pay etc. when I just turned 18 I decided to move to my mothers house and thats when the trouble really started.

    She lived 2 hours aways from the town I grew up in, I was lonely, I decided to quit school and get my diploma through selfstudy (and succeeded). I started gambling more but it still wasnt that big of an issue, no large amounts of money and no debts. The year after I went to college and me and my mom agreed that she was going to pay rent. That went fine until she had to switch jobs and wasnt able to afford to pay two rents and said I had to go pay my own. That’s where it all went wrong, I had a job but that wasn’t enough to cover everything I suddenly had to pay (rent, food, clothing etc.) so my girlfriend that I have been together with for 3 years now decided to help me out for a month. She gave me €1000.00 and said I could give it back to her whenever I could, I paid all my bills and started gambling with the rest. I won and was able to cover my bills for the month after, I started thinking I could actually make a living out of gambling but that went wrong quick, long story short I ended up lending €50.000 (money she got from a family member) and lost it all. She knows that I gambled with it, she believed I was going to win her money back. Now I have nothing, my girlfriend is still supporting me while I almost lost all of her money and I don’t even deserve her support because I fucked up so bad, I’m doing bad in school, behind on rent and bills this month. I just dont know what to do anymore. She’s the only one who really knows about the addiction I’m dealing with, all my friends and family think that I’m doing good and living off gambling money while its really my girlfriends money. I can’t believe how far I’ve let this come, it’s not the person I though I’d ever be, living of someone elses money….

    I just deleted all my gamblingaccounts, I literally have 0,0 in my bankaccount and dont know what to do. I refuse to lend more money and I don’t really have to ask my mom for money since she doesn’t have any and I no longer have contact with my mother.

    *sorry for my bad English, it isn’t my native language.


    Hi Tom,
    This is a very familiar story but you have done the right thing in seeking help – this post belongs in the “my journal” section – perhaps you could copy and paste it to over there


    Hello Tom, your English is good and you can get a lot of support here. I Did It is right though – the My Journal Forum is the most used forum here and you will get a lot of support there. You will also see many stories you will realte to and teh sort of things that have helped others stop gambling.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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