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    You and I have been recovery buddies for a very long time. You know me very well.
    One thing you don’t know about me is just how much my Friday topic groups mean to me. They are my injection of recovery before the weekend. I don’t really go on GA anymore since my experience of bullying and the topic group was the place where I fill my head full of reasons why I don’t gamble anymore before the two day void that is the weekend.
    Anyway, so for about 4 weeks I felt like you weren’t taking it seriously, like you were taking the mickey out of me.
    Anything I said you responded with, it’s your choice to gamble. It’s my choice not to gamble. Like it was that simple. I’m glad for you that it boils simply down to a choice and I respect that’s how it feels for you. However, I didn’t feel like you were respecting me and what makes me tick. I felt extremely frustrated that you never listened to me speaking or acknowledged anything I ever said. This went on for weeks without me saying anything and bottling it up.
    I regret wholeheartedly sending you that horrible message on facebook. I regret the language I used. I regret the tone it was used in. I am sorry that I couldn’t be an adult and talk to you about how I felt.
    I know you are actively ignoring me and I deserve that. I even went on GA again just hoping you would talk to me but it’s not to be.
    Actions have consequences. If you choose to never speak to me again, I can accept that as your choice but you still deserve an apology for the bad thing I chose to do.
    I am 100% sorry.

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