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      hi-I have been gambling for what feels like forever, i started at 17 betting on dogs and football (but for some reason never really got into the horses) and my gambling was never really a problem until FOBT’S came into my life in 2002 at first i would only be losing 3040 pound a week but at this time i was not earning much as an apprentice plumber and this was still 50% of my wage the amount of money i was losing grew as my wages did, then i went through a period of losing a whole weeks wage in an hour or so EVERY WEEK! this was horrible and this is when my lieing started. Classic lies of ive lost my bank card or my bank cards snapped lending money off famliy and friends thinking if i lend 50 quid ill win 200 pay them back and have 150 to myself. Deep down i knew what i was doing was stupid but it was like there was 2 of me and the gambler always got his way.
      When i was 22 i took out a bank loan of 6,500 to "buy a car" and ended up buying one for 750 because i had gambled the rest on football bets,dogs,FOBT’s and now a knew thing i had discoverd online poker. I no longer have that ****ty little car and am still paying of the loan which sickens me every time it comes out my account at least WHEN i let it come out my account. Thats right a new little thing i liked to do was taking and gambling the money that should have been used for direct debits which in turn started leading to charges and i slowley slowley started getting deeper and deeper in debt, but i just kept telling myself one big win will sort all that out.
      Im 27 now, i have a girlfriend and my own house (god knows how) but as i work as a plumber for myself i have cash every single day wich for a gambler is terrible i will get money for parts and spend it in the bookies then have to lend money off my girlfriend to pay for my plumbing account. i currently owe her 3,000 pound and i tell her i have stopped and sneak to the bookies to blow more and more cash that i could be paying back to her and doing things like go on holidays or take her out this makes me moody and angry with myself wich i feel makes me difficult to live with. i also feel so deppressed that i dont want to leave bed but have got to to get money to cover my tracks i currently owe out around 8,000 pound. i know people on here would love to only owe that much but it is still alot.
      I also have no real grasp of the value of money like i wont spend a tenner on a take away but have no problem putting 200 on the football to be a draw i never buy myself clothes or anything nice. After yet another bad losing streak i have decided that i need to stop and now before i lose everything!!! i have a problem and i know i have a problem. I havent placed a bet since 21st of march and am hoping that coming on here and chatting to people in similar situations will keep me on the straight and narrow, I have probley missed out some things and the spelling is rubbish but it has felt good wrighting this….thanks

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      Hi tick tick hope you are gamble free today I have debt of £18000 and I’ve contacted the consumer credit council (CCcs) I pay them what I can afford each month and they dish it out to the banks and they get rid of the interest you can find them online

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