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    Just for today, Lord, don’t let me look back.

    Guide and direct me on to the right track.

    Free me from demons, temptations and slips

    From wilful indiscipline of a drama that grips

    My thoughts and attention and leads me astray

    To the depths of addiction each step of the way

    To darkness and sorrow, avarice and grief

    Self inflicted destruction,under guise of relief

    And just for today, Lord, let me not look ahead

    In case I get scared of the future or dread

    That addiction may never depart or fade

    Or least I forget ’twas for You, I was made

    And not for a life of Slavery or Death

    But for Joy, Love and Peace

    Truth, Hope, Faith and Mirth.

    So let me look up, Lord on this bright new day

    To see Your Face and embrace Your Holy Way

    I make this my prayer, Lord

    Unite my will with Yours

    Protect and defend me when temptation lures.

    Hear my prayer, Lord

    Come what may

    Safeguard and heal me



    You know the addiction will never depart
    But it’s ok. you know in your heart

    You can avoid the peril that lurks
    Just get yourself back to what you know works!


    A really lovely prayer Vera


    Really lovely prayer Vera. Ty.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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