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      Just one thing I can not do
      Place one bet, it would lead to two
      Is that a problem? Does it hurt?
      To not risk losing one more shirt?
      Not at all, it lets me live
      And enjoy the rest of what life has to give.
      The many, many things I treasure
      That give my life so much pleasure
      The family, friends, things big and small
      I can now enjoy them all
      Theatre, diving. just feeding the birds
      It’s hard to put into words
      My life, my home, my wife, my dog
      I’d never have them with a gambling fog
      I can try new things, some I like.
      Should I gamble? On your bike!
      Now I have the things I need
      Because I decided not to feed
      The addiction that is in me
      It can wait, and go hungry
      Just one thing that’s not so much
      When it gives me a life I can really touch
      Just one thing I can not do
      Place one bet and nor can you.

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      Awesome mate. Love that. If you don’t mind I might use that at my meeting on Wednesday.

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      Please do, more than welcome.

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      Great poem!!!!!

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      I Agree Great Poem!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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