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      colin in brum

      Hi all.  This might annoy a few people but it’s meant as a thought provoker and with the best of intentions.
      "Let us know what positive steps you are taking……." is how I usually end any reply I make to newcomers here.  Guess what?  A lot of them we don’t hear from again!  Many people want to stop the pain that gambling causes but they don’t want to actually DO anything that takes hard work.  They don’t want to take some of the steps that are TOUGH to take. Their addiction certainly wont want them to DO any of the things that might work and will be giving them lots of reasons not to.
      Another guess what – the people who DO take positive actions and take some of those tough steps are the ones who post about successes they then go on to achieve.
      So, if you are new to the forum think about that and I hope you decide to take those positive actions.  You CAN stop gambling but don’t try and do it on your own – if that worked then none of us would be here.

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      Originally posted by Colin In Brum

      …  Guess what? …

      Guess what?  One of the positive things that I do is to participate in the options that GT provides and then I take advantage of the advice and encouragement given by it’s members and staff.  I read and research the postings and advice of others here and use what I find helpful. 
      And yes this is tough; logging on is easy, but following through and taking action is not a walk in the park – you have to go after recovery, it does not come to you.
      And in borrowing from the Gamblers Anonymous Yellow Book, "To all Members, Particularly the new Members": if you want to see more of the tuff actions that work for me and others, read our post and find what will help you, take this simple action and then follow through with the tuffer one of accepting the truths you find. Working recovery pays off – it works if you work it, it don’t if you don’t.
       Larry"Day Two Is Another Day Behind" – With the help of a Higher Power, My 3G’s – God, GA, and GT, I will continue to be  gambling free.

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      I have just this second spoken to live help on my favourite and main gambling website.  I love this site, I am on it constantly!  I asked to be self excluded.  She asked me several security questions and then asked wether I wanted to be excluded for 6 months or permanently.  I closed my eyes and then quickly typed in PERMANENTLY (my heart was racing).  It’s done! I can never access this website again.  I feel both excited and panicked.  She also asked me my reason and I typed "I have a gambling problem."  My god "I have a gambling problem" how the **** did that happen?  It crept up on me and I never realised it was there.  Where have I been?  Time to STOP!

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      colin in brum

      WTG Mai!

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      I think the positive steps i have taken are:
      I try to post every day and read something relating to being gamble free
      I dont carry large amounts of cash, just the bare minimum for the day
      I changed bank accounts to make it harder to access cash instantly, still can be done but takes time and can give me space to think rather than acting impulsively
      Come to the realization that if an urge strikes it will pass no matter how strong
      Banned from Seven venues!! (out of hundreds mind you) but at least did my faves. 
      Started attending GA meeting once a week
      Working out budget – making sure bills are paid instantly and groceries and fuel bought straight away
      Trying to be positive (doesnt always happen but trying)
      Using phone numbers from GA when need be
      Going to lots of groups on this site regularly and checking into this site every day where possible
      Say to myself " I dont gamble "
      Find other things that i like doing
      Write a to do list each day and tick it off (even if its not always completed its a plan)
      Stay connected to other compulsive gamblers in recovery
      Avoid gambling establishments and people who gamble as much as possible (where possible)
      Try to remember to smile as it could always be so much worse, there is always someone doing it tougher
      Be thankful that i have found a place like this and GA
      Never lose hope
       P – Living and Learning

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      P, wow what a post, a real inspiration and so positive, i liked the "to do list one, even if it isn’t complete", it’s a plan at least and it’s everyday. I’m sure like me alot of fellow CG’S will take your list of positive things on board.
      Micky.beneath the ashes fires rage

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      colin in brum

      GREAT steps P, well done.

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      Hi P, I’m new here. Just read your positive steps and want to thank you for posting. I plan to read it often and hopefully build a list of my own, using yours as a guideline. The first thing on my list will be "saved Gambling Therapy" to my internet favorites. I’m so glad to have found this site and will be checking in daily. I so badly need to.Taking my life back

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      Hi thank you Colin, Micky, Elbee
      Elbee you may want to start your own thread so people can reply to you, you do this by going to the new members introductions and post a little about you then it gets transferred to the my journal section where people will reply to you and you can add to it..
      Keep going Micky and Elbee we can do this, and Colin thank you i know it can be done just looking at your success
       P – Living and Learning

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      I have just joined this site today after spending my entire paycheck yesterday at the casino…. again. So, I’ve been through GA before and know that I need help to stop gambling! The positive things that I am going to do today is not gamble, to attend an on-line meeting, and read as many posts as possible for encouragement.

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