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      Just a wee introduction since I have started using this forum.
      I have not gambled since July. I used to play poker, having been taught to play by my husband ( who has gambled most of his life).
      I was not a gambler, although loved card games, playing bridge. I found learning poker easy and enjoyed the challenge of improving my game.The first time I went to play a live tournament, I went to please and be with my husband as he wanted me to go.. I was just learning to play. I loved the game, and couldnt get enough of it. Pretty soon my life was unrecognisable, totally out of control. Playing poker all day long, spending money I didnt have to play. Yes, I won often and was quite a good player, but I had no other life except poker.. and I wasn’t happy unless I was sitting in a tournament still with chips infront of me. The main issue was not the money… the game had taken over my life. I was off work with depression and couldn’t see how I could get my life back. But I also couldnt imagine living life without poker. Crazy.. as I had lived most of my life without it, thank you very much!
      I knew things were wrong. I prayed that God would help me to stop wanting to play poker
       Fast forward… now I don’t play and don’t want to play. The withdrawal, resisting urges, giving in to urges, the guilt the anxiety, depression all are becoming less and less. Life is more about living than about not gambling as I dont really think about it any more. I don’t need it in my life.
      Unfortunately my husband hasn’t got to the point of deciding to stop yet, so that can be difficult at times. But God works in mysterious ways and I know He will sort it.

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