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    Ive never written a poem before……so here goes!

    Life before

    I hear the little motorbike

    Coming down the street

    The tightness in my chest

    My heart skipping a beat

    My ears strain hard, to hear the sound

    Will it or wont it stop

    I take a breath and hold it

    My stomach in a knot

    It happens every day you see

    The waiting game begins

    And when i hear that squeaky brake

    My mind begins to spin

    The postman is the person

    That i used to fear the most

    The bills and debt collectors

    Who would contact me by post

    I would never leave the house

    Until i knew that he’d gone by

    Or run out to the letter box

    To ensure the mail was mine

    I could never run the risk

    Of someone else beating me there

    I knew that if i did

    My secret would be laid bare

    Today i feel a little different

    As i know there’ll be no more

    I have taken back my life

    And left behind my life before


    Well done!


    Omg u have just described my relationship with my postman !
    What a fabulous poem Kathryn ! I can so identify !


    with today’s technology I have signed up for paperless bills so I can hide my debt from everyone 🙁


    Totally get this, excellent poem

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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