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      hi ,i tell you a little bit abt my situation and would welcome any help to get me over this bad time in my life,i know my problem isnt as bad as alot ,but its effecting my well being ,i am engaged to a man who i knew was hopeless with money and getting his act together ,for 3 years he has put moving in together with me and my kids,he has shown me love in so many ways and proved his love by ,doing alot for me ,fixing my car ,cooking .fixing things around the house .But always i didnt feel real close to him abit weary as i had caught him out in lies and things just didnt add up,he even got a tattoo with my name,so i pretty well knew he loved me . so i sort of hanged in there hoping he get his money together .i started to become like a police man ,coz i felt he was doing something behind my back ,he was so unreliable ,not ring me ,not paye his bills etc.I started to watcg the way he was ,i noticed he was very talkative in mornings all hyped up and interupt conversations and always jump in. i noticed he didnt like being in certain situations ,with big crowds like a hotel ,another thing i noticed he would complain if something stupid like shampoo or soap ,was to expensive and wince after buyin it .or after buying food ,hed say geez that cost me that much always working out how much he spend on weekends,like it really got to him ,he got into moods of being very picky to me and like i wld get on his nerves for no reason,get picky with my younger daughter to if he was in that mood,but then he has other side where he do anything for us.anyways we were meant to get aplace april as he promised and said this time 4 sure ,as 4 mths b4 i found out he pawned the gold chain i brought him ,he liared but i finally got the truth out of him ,becoz he came clean gave him another chance ,anyhow in april  the money we has saved he said he needed it for his last bussiness that failed ,i didnt beleive him i cornered him and said i will give u the money when i see ur bank statement,well he broke down and told me he had a problem with gambling and he said he felt so much relief telling me ,he said i could have his bank details passwords to check his account ,he said he knew he wldnt gamble coz i gave him no more chances,well i couldnt get on the net to check his account,and rung and told him ,he said okie wait till u come to my house,next time i went to house,his p.c was gone ,i knew straight away he was hiding it,i finally found out how to check his account at my home ,sure enough he got loans out and was repaying them back,i confronted him and he said he had weak moment and wouldnt do it again of course i was so angry and hurt ,so we set another date ,and in my mind i knew no more chances ,i was so stressed out and angry at him ,really it was a love hate thing .but i tryed to think of his good side and all he does for me,8 weeks ago my brother took his life ,i really needed him not to let me down ,i said to him 2 weeks ago please it will destroy and kill me ,dont let me down for novemeber i need to know where im going with my life.well i week later he blew all the money for our future to get a rental property . i rang him up he denied it of course then he said yer i did ,i said u need help i cant do this anymore ,i saw red ,i went on and on he said i make a big deal out nothing i saw red again ,he finished it with me and i havent heard frm him in aweek.i know he will come crawling back ,im scared ill weaken .sorry for this being so long long,and prob plently of spelling mistakes ,im not going to reread it ,upset me to much ,thanks for readingeverything is a test

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