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      Hi guys, this is my first time posting in a forum and I would like to share my story.

      Being a person who loves money, I was always interested in ways of making money and one of those options was gambling. At first, I was just gambling with friends in small and insignificant amounts for fun. It was kinda fun playing with friends and earning some extra cash. However, I was soon introduced to online poker and things took a change for the worst. At first it was a few hundred, then as I was trying to chase my losses, I went to higher stakes room to get it back and ended up losing 1500 in one night. The realization soon hit me after I loss it all. I was devastated. It took me a couple of months to pay off my debt and finally, I was free.
      However, the urges started to return and once again I was indulged in black jack, blowing away another couple of hundreds.. I told myself the first time that I would never do it again and yet, I returned. I beat myself up and scolded myself and promised myself to stop gambling.

      But alas, I realized that I was just lying to myself. After 3 months of being free from gambling, I let my guard down for just one day. In the end, I blew away another 1000, which is money that I didnt have. I was so sad and hated myself for letting this happen to me. Therefore, I opened up to my friend and I told him everything. He agreed to let me borrow his money to get off the hook. I was so dissapointed that I allowed this to happen to myself 3 times! Even when I promised to stop. I realized that it could just take one bad day to destroy what you have build for yourself so far.

      I hope that today, 28th of June, 2012, would be my last day of indulging in this wasteful habit. I realized that even if you win, the cycle will continue and you will eventually blow it away once again. As I am still a student, I hope to clear off my debt asap by working part time, and hopefully I have learnt my lesson once and for all!

      Thats my story guys. Thanks for reading.  =>

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