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    Johnny B

    You are always there, in the back of my mind.  I have put you back there for a reason.  You have not been good to me, and I have moved on.  But you still cross my mind.  You still haunt my soul.  I thought I loved you once.  I believed I did.  But I was wrong.  It wasn’t love…because you never gave me anything I needed.  You knocked me down, and wouldn’t let me get up again.  Over and over, time after time, shame on me.  You cost me my self esteem, you cost me friends, and you cost me my ability to choose what I want to do for myself.  I am not bitter, because that would lend credence to what you are.  At this point, you are just a memory.  And if I have my way, that is all you will ever be again!  So go ahead and tempt away, because I can say NO!  You are no longer in control, I am…And I know it!  It was fun at times, but mostly I hated it.  And why in the world would I want to go through that again?  Gambling, you are not a friend of mine.  You never were, and you never will be.  Good luck to you…and Good Riddance!!

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