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    Fishy, fishy, swim, swim, swim
    You are lucky you have no limbs
    No thoughts of being caught
    Not even a single sordid thought
    Be grateful little fishy
    Nothing in your life is so tricky
    (Fish response)
    Swim, swim, swim, you say
    Any idea how that feels day after day
    Especially if you are a stingray
    My stinger is my only defence
    I possess no sixth sense
    Hence my life is arduous
    Not so marvellous after all
    No life is like living in a dance hall
    But I am in it for the long haul.
    Fair point little fishy, or should I call you Ray?
    I saw you once in the shallows of Montego Bay
    But that was a long while ago when life wasn’t so grey
    I’d like to meet you and greet you
    You would be my retreat I am
    Truly just a woman in the street.

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