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    Written by Michelle (2004) 
                                                Loneliness, Loneliness,
    What can I say?
    Was a terrible feeling that I felt today
    I was in a group with many people around
    None I felt was a friend to be found

    I felt that I couldn’t get up and walk away
    And about my inner feelings I couldn’t say
    I wanted to tell them but they wouldn’t understand
    I needed someone who knew me close to hand
    The more I sat there the loneliness grew
    Why it was happening I hadn’t got a clue
    It was an awful emotion for me to feel
    Being in the group for me was a big deal 
    I decided to stay there though to the end
    And with my feelings I made pretend
    I pretended in the group that I was ok
    I tried to act and speak in a normal way
    I hoped by doing this I’d make a friend
    and within myself I would be on the mend
    Over time my group loneliness may disappear
    and I’d feel more comfortable being in there

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