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    My husband has gambled again this weekend he borrowed money from his mum but denied it, she rang me Monday about something and I asked herr and she told me that she had lent him £500 but he had asked her not to tell me,

    She was worried that he would be mad at ehr, I told her that she didn’t tell me as I asked her. I told him on Monday that I knew his mum had lent him some money he was mad but at me for putting his mum in the position I did. I told him 

    that I wan’t bothered and he could be mad with mee all he likes. I told him that he had to leave or give me his cards, he was reluctant to give me his card or access to his bank. it turns out he gambled the £500 his mu  lent hm and 

    he borrowed abother £500 from his friend which is something hes never done before. I don’t think he is happy that I have got his cards. he is on lates this week but I will talk to him properly about it. If he wants his card back then he can

    but he goes. even though his mum was saying to me help him. I am feeling so much stronger than before  and I am detemined that I will not put up with it, so if he wants to stay it’s on my terms only. He knows that I am differnt now and I won’t

    but up with it anymore. 


    financailly I can manage on my own, the house is in my name and he has always said that her won’t take anything out of the house, but if he does I will then go for half his pension as he has a good one. I am feeling positive about myself and 

    what I want out of my relationship and gambling is one of them. 


    Hi Ivy
    I look forward to an update soon when you have had a chance to talk.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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