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    charles , you can delete all my hash messages or hexa or crypted, doesnt matter , its a reflex , but you can find a good designer to change the sites views, to be little
    bit more attractive. probably will come more people back if they will see a site what reflect the hope,, the light from the end of the line. more features , more functions
    the first impression from the site , it makes me indifferent . a good designer can do miracles , was a suggestion , you decide or who own the site. really you can give
    little bit other look. maybe you will have more daily visitors . and the traffic will rise and not inverse .


    Hi Eli,

    Upgrading the site might happen, watch this space. We are a charity though with limited funding, these things take time.

    The important thing for those using this site though isn’t what it looks like but the support that is offered. The advice that is given. Then their recovery depends on the actions they choose to take or choose not to take.

    We have forums, groups, one to one helpline, an App. There is also a lot of other help out there which we have spoken about before.

    When it comes to your encrypted stuff you have previously asked people to contact you via these. As such I or one of my colleagues is always going to have to delete these encrypted messages. This goes against the terms and conditions here so I would ask you not to keep repeating. If you want to talk to other compulsive gamblers then there are a lot of ways to do so. Again, ways we have previously discussed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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