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    I’m pretty young, 24 and I am new to this. I just recently admitted to having a gambling problem. I have tried stopping on my own and lasted about a week. My addiction is to online gambling which I find incredibly hard to overcome because it’s so easily accessible. I have done unforgivable things to feed the addiction and I just want to stop. I have tried blocking myself but than what do I do next ? find another card to use a family members card instead. Despicable I know but a stupid impulsive decision and now I have to face this when I go back home. I realize I have a problem and the support on here was amazingly helpful. I am also writing this not only as something for me but to help others get through their problem gambling too. 

    I am embarrased but now only to a point because I have something that’s hard to fight but will overcome. It’s okay not to be okay. I just have the hardest time hurting my loved ones and having to face them after what I’ve done and come down from the high of playing online casinos. My father also has an addiction or did to regular in person casinos. I do have an addictive personality and I think I’m just wired this way. I’m tired of doing things than having to lie or become secretive because I’m ashamed of the things I do/did. We’ve always lived more on the poverty line and money is hard for us to come by which hurts me even more that I’ve lost so much, my worst loss was 2 grand all in 2 days. im not in debt but it’s the things I do to get money that scares me. It’s not even the money but me blocking myself than trying to find another way to gamble ie; using my moms card instead that makes no sense to me. I know it’s wrong but I still did it and that’s how I know the addiction is out of hand. If anyone has any advice on any of this too that would be greatly appreciated. 

    I have tried convincing myself all the stuff I’m sure anyone else has while gambling too. that chasing losses will lead to a win and only spending this much won’t hurt. It’s the thinking and impulsiveness that is so hard to overcome. Or the what if’s but I now know it isn’t worth my life or whats to come I too suffer with mental illness. With that being said I did end up having suicidal thoughts at one point due to problem gambling. This was also a huge wake up call for me which made me see that this isn’t helping me in anyway. I am sad at who I did become but I do want to change, If anyone has any advice or tips on what else I can do that would be really helpful. Sorry for the long story and thank you for reading! 


    Hey Cindy, welcome to the forum. I’m afraid your thread is in the overcoming problems section and usually journals are in th my journal forum. It’s not wrong it’s just i think you got over looked! You are very young to be dealing with this but at least you are also facing it young. There is a lot of wisdom and self awareness in your post which gives me a lot of hope that you will be able to overcome this and have a good and meaningful life. I’m afraid I am heading out shortly or I would write more. Perhaps you can ask the help line to move your thread for you in the morning. They may also have some suggestions for you as to how else to prevent yourself from gambling. Counseling would help a lot as it helps you to build up your strength to resist and gives you tools you can use. Take care, Laura


    Hi, be brave and try counseling or cognitive behavior therapy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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