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    First off I would like to say how comforting it is to find this forum. The one who suffers from compulsive gambling is my father, and has suffered for about 23+ years.He’s lied and stolen money from from my mother so many times that I myself don’t understand how she has continued this way. I also know it’s been extremely hard for my mother (they’ve been married for 20 years) who loves him dearly to leave him. It hurts my sister and I so much to seem my parents go through this never ending cycle of betrayal. This cycle has turned to the point that we have no idea how to help him. He completed GA about 8 years ago, but still continues to play. He has admitted to use that he knows he has a problem on various times, and we always give him encouraging words of support. I’ve dialed the number to GA so many times, only to be meet with a “not today, another day” from him. We’ve taken his debit card, credit card, and yet it comes back to him because he can’t stand not having his money, which cause yet more fights between my parent. You see my father does make a great amount of money a week with his hard work, but he leaves my mother( who also works) with all the bills and much more…
    It absolutely kills me inside, and more than anything terrifies me what will become of my father if my mother does finally decided to split from him (today I think has been the last straw). I know that if it came down to it my sister, or I would split up so one would always stay with my father (we are both underage and are not employed). Tonight he lied once again about working at night, only to discover by a slip up that he had actually been gambling. I know he’s tired, and I know he’s depressed. But HOW do I help him? How can I help my mother? Tonight she said she has finally given up faith, and scares me when she says that the only reason she has for to live for now is my sister and I.


    Hi Silvia
    I would be good to hear from you again. Once you have posted in this forum you are cared about.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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