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    Hello my name is Wim, and here is my explanation of my gambling problem
    It all started in Australia, I went for a work holiday and after 6 months of work I discovered football betting.
    I started off with a 500 euro bet and I ended up with the double profit, it felt so easy and good that I kept on doing it.
    After I went to 2000 euro profit and went on a lose streak down to -100 I started to get a mental problem, I couldnt live
    .with the fact that I lost.. So I started to double my bets(100,200,400,800).. I lost well over 1500 euro ran out of money and evwn flew back because I gelt so depressed, I promised myselg never to bet again but after 5 months when I heard about betting again at my work I started again, I told myself to only bet 40 euro a week but once I lost it I couldnt control myself and I doubled again.. And lost ofcourse, I kept on telling Id stop if I would of win that one but I never won and ended up with 1100 euro lose again.. and run out of money.. i got the urge to work 2 weeks bet and win 800 out of 1100 back.. But thats.where my big problem is.. How can I get ride of this feeling.. Im seriously addicted and cant control myself, not even a ittle bit. Thanks for reading..

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