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      I am a very nice person, but gambling changes everything about my personality it makes me Angry, Anxious, Snappy, Sneaky, Hate Myself, Low Self Esteem, Mental Health very low.. I know all this but no I can’t stop

      Does Anybody else agree, I’m been addicted to gambling for over half of my life and still haven’t found a way to manage it, I have a serious Amount of debt that has been created through gambling and this situation is getting worse and worse and harder to control

      Outside of gambling I would say my life is as close to perfect as possible partner, Pets etc etc. however I’m going to lose it all if I can’t stop. Any advice would be great

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      Im exactly like you mate. Im dealing with the anxiety, low self esteem etc. It makes me hate myself and ive become so depressed.

      I dont have any advice at the moment as i cant stop either but all i can say is youre not alone. Theres more of us doing the exact same shit as you and going through the exact same struggles. Praying that we make it out of this mate

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      Thanks mate for taking the time to reply it’s such a hard space to be we can try help each other going through this I’m currently going through counselling which GamCare have put me on to, this is helping me a lot, I said it to my counsellor I believe I am quiet intelligent 🤣 I have a good job paid ok but a simple thing in my mind like controlling gambling I can’t do…. I’ve started listening to podcasts there’s a lot of stuff out there if you have a look. I haven’t gambled since Wednesday which is huge as im usually £100’s per day on anything with odds

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      Hi Tjj1986

      It is good that you are having counselling as it helps to talk to someone and discuss your thoughts. Just remember that if you have urges to gamble, you can also use our online chat for emotional support (Monday-Friday 10:00-22:00) and Saturday-Sunday (14:00 – 18:00).

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      I have had a lot of trials and anger and I gamble because I am not happy. Lost my way and depressed. I have tried a hundred times to get back on track. I am an intelligent person and on the outside successful. I was raised a by narcissistic parents and my first marriage was abusive. My new relationship tends to be all about my partner. I do not assert myself very well. I get angry and gamble to release stress and take a vacation from my issues. I feel I am being controlled by my emotions, expectations and fear. I love my husband. I just feel me needs are not being met so I get rebellions….I have tried everything and I just give up and go to gambling when I am very frustrated.

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