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    Actions speak louder than words

    That’s surely something you all will have heard


    Promises and lies year after year

    Why would people believe what they hear?


    If we really want to regain that trust

    Then by our actions we really must


    Show how much we mean it this time

    Our actions can show it’s not just a line


    If when we speak their trust is still fleeting

    Show them you mean it and get to a meeting


    If they think you’re trying to be funny

    Show them you’re serious and hand them your money


    They’ve heard it before, they may be rude

    So take them with you when you go to exclude


    Actions are louder it really is true

    So rather than words think “What can I do?”


    “Actions are louder , it really is true
    So rather than words think, “What can I do?”
    I can quash the first thought
    I can “stomp on the bug”
    Postpone the next bet
    and withdraw from the “drug”
    I can then call a friend
    Tell them what I intend
    And remind myself always
    Where gambling will end!
    Do things differently
    Look for new company
    Be accountable, honest,
    To you and to me
    I can hand over cash
    Put credit cards in the trash
    Surrender my car keys
    Go down on my knees
    To pray or scrub floors
    Whatever it takes
    To keep me from making
    More stupid mistakes!
    Examine the tools
    That I got from GT
    To find out which one
    Today is for me
    I have no more excuses
    To use fancy words
    It’s time now for ACTION


    Thanks for the extra verses Vera! Very good ones. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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