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    I was mooching around Christmas shopping over the weekend and saw a card or sign that I thought I would share here.
    It said – Some people WANT things to happen, some people WISH things would happen and some people MAKE things happen.
    It occurred to me that recovery is very much the same.  I often WANTED things to change, I certainly WISHED things would change, particularly when things were going badly on the gambling front.  Wanting and wishing never really got me very far though.  It was only when I started DOING the things that help that I had any success.  My recovery didn’t come from wanting or wishing it to appear, I MADE it happen.  The things I was trying on my own weren’t working, doing things "my way" wasn’t working.  So I did things differently, I got to GA meetings, i made myself accountable for my finances etc.  I did things I wasn’t particularly keen on doing because hey, if my way wasn’t working then maybe what i was hearing from others would.
    If I’d carried on just wanting and wishing then i would probably still be gambling.  I did more than that – I MADE things happen.
    What are you going to do DIFFERENTLY?  What are you going to DO to MAKE recovery happen?

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