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    Many things the arcades used to get me in
    Many things the arcade used – to get me in
    Writing about them – where do I begin?
    I’d get a free snack – and a free cup of tea
    That was what the arcade staff – gave to me
    I actually offered them – some money to pay
    But they never took it – I thought it was okay
    But it wasn’t free at all – it cost me such a lot
    If I hadn’t of gone in – a banquet I could have got
    Once I got inside though – I didn’t want to leave
    I was grateful for the free things – I did receive 
    I actually thought –‘ wow – they are really cool’
    When really – were they making me look a fool?
    But I went in there – because I got something free
    ‘Cos being a CG – something free appealed to me
    I could have actually said ‘no’ – with my given voice
    But I know going in and staying in – was my choice
    I know that I only have me – that I can really blame
    And the thought of going in there – I feel the shame
    At one time I needed to go in there – to get through
    Now thankfully it is something – I don’t want to do
    Michelle (2011)

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