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    I have been out of control gambling since around 2002. I think I have had a problem longer than that but 2002 is when it really went into overdrive and ruined my life.

    It has varied over the years but my main problem now is online casinos. I am currently in the process of going through all the Remote (Online) and Active companies registered on the Gambling Commission website.

    This is a ridiculously hard and time consuming task but I am slowly progressing. Fortunately a lot of online sites are owned by the same company and you can self exclude from many in one go.

    In the absence of an alternative way of doing this (I believe the government is working on it) I am joining all online casinos and then self excluding. At the moment I have self excluded from 394 online casinos and I am still only on the letter “B”.

    This is going to take a long time but the MULTIPLE Self Exclusion Scheme may take longer and I cannot afford to wait. I am willing to send through my progress to anyone that would like to see it/try it. As this may speed things up for them. The actual process of listing all the sites takes time and effort and that is before you start to self exclude. I have only just joined on here so not sure how sharing this information would work. I am trying to help people in the hope that will also help me as no other attempt at quitting has been successful so far. Please get in touch. Phil


    Hi Phil and welcome to the site. Well done on the steps that youa re taking. You could also download some blocking software on your home PC and restrist your phone.

    I hope to here your progress in recovery and how you are filling your gamble free time. The best plae for you to share your story would be to start a thread in the My Journal Forum.

    I hope to start reading your story soon.


    Hi my name is Josh and my fiance is a cg but it only becomes a problem after her and her ex husband fight. She has tried to self exclude from our local casino but tjey do not participate in self exclusion, so my question is what else can i do for her. If she doesnt speak to him or argue she does not gamble. She was in an abusive relationship with him and that was her coping mechanism. But now our finances are suffering and she just got full custody of there 3 children and i fear that she will loose them and more if we run out of funding. She never takes cash, she uses her marker to write checks at the casino and they have let her close the account in the past, but they let her re-open it. I need to find out what options we have to keep her out of the casino since she cant self exclude, ive watched her try to.

    Thanks for any advice, i need it bad


    Hi Josh,

    Well done on looking for help.

    First things first – make sure that you check out the support that is here for YOU. Take a look at the Friends and family Forum. We also have live groups as well – one solely for Friends and family, others that are accessible by all.

    Your fiancee can also get support here, show her the other stories in the My Journal Forum.

    How about financial barriers and accountability? You could look after those checks so that she can’t use them at the casino.

    Using support is also important – it’s an addiction and if we could do it on our own then we wouldn’t have a problem in the first place. Will she post in the my Journal Forum? Will she go to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting?

    Make sure you check out the Friends and family Forum yourself as well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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