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    At first it was an accident.

    Max Bet, over there on the right.

    Max Bet on a $5 machine. 

    The big button over there on the right.

    It’s says max bet.

    But that’s a lie.

    It’s a cover up because what it really should say is:

    soul, family, job, reputation, retirement account, sanity, future

    Don’t press that button.

    It’s a lie.

    Seems you could win your jackpot more quickly,

    But what you’re really risking is  your life.

    Your risking your life to win a jackpot.

    But that’s a lie too.

    There is no jackpot waiting for you.

    All you get for all you’ve risked is …

    more time to lose more of the best years of your life.

    More time wasting away in front of a machine.

    Sorry, this isn’t a poem and it’s not impressive writing, but it is TRUE.

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