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    Every now and again when I feel low I love to come back here and it really helps , usually when I come back I waffle on so here goes – gambled for as long as I can remember , gamble free for a year now 🙂 x wore it out I think ,switched slightly to drinking instead to get over the gambling but kept my eye on it . This last year was really hard but I knew I had to make a stand and say no more stop doing this to you’re self and I have . Gambling was escapism for me as is drinking . Always wondered why some of us want to escape . For me for some reason i just felt tragedy for a good part of my life for no real reason ( depression maybe ) I have looked and questioned all things ? Anyway as the story goes – 3 months ago my mum and son both got diagnosed with cancer. my mum non smoker non drinker etc all her life, my son 22 years
    OLd young super fit and healthy x what a b****rd . Just as I was finally finding my feet . But sh*t happens and may be that was the tragedy I was already feeling ( apparently no hope for my son ,my everything ) anyway gambling takes you to the darkest of dark places and even though this is a mothers worst nightmare I feel strong .thankyou addiction(not sure many do that ) for teaching me to be strong and thank goodness I tackled you a while ago ,would be in no position now to fight both x so fight it now guys and learn from it . Who knows what tomorrow brings x I am using everything I have learnt to support my son , 2 beautiful daughteRs and above all me .as i Iearnt that here, if I am no use ,I am no use to them . i feel at points still especially now i could fall apart, i could run all things gambling made me feel .Or gamble to escape these feelings , no chance . ONE day at a time is the key . Hope this makes some sort of sense x


    Wow, Me, I am so very sorry to hear about your son and your mother. What an awful, awful thing!!! I will pray for your continued strength. What an amazing feat that you have a year under your belt too. You are an inspiration to me today. You’ve truly demonstrated that no matter what life throws at you, there is no excuse to gamble. Keep going and stay as incredibly strong as you are. (((Hugs))). RG


    (((Me))))  Prayers to you and your family.  RG is right.  You are an inspiration.  Recovery isn’t just for the good *****.  Life can be difficult, but you are right, the difficulties are not an excuse to lean on our addictions. The addictions, which will only make what life throws at us worse.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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