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      I am sure that I am like everyone just now rushing around trying to get everything ready for Christmas.  It is a good thing to be busy as it takes your mind away from gambling, probably more for the women than men (sorry guys).  Well I know that is how it is in our home.  I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I know that it has been a tough year for me with my little grandson being stillborn, however, i have to also remember that I am blessed that I have two healthy grandsons.  We all have our challenges to face and Christmas can be a difficult time, however, my faith is helping me through.  I got myself a cross that says "Let it go, Let God" and for others it is "Let ig go, let your higher power".  We have much to be thankful for in that we have the support of our GT Family at this time and throughout the year.  I don’t want to mention any individual members, but Harry, Charles and Velvet THANK YOU!!!. One day at a time my sweet lord…

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