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    If I were to gamble tomorrow
    I would have to start planning today
    Arrange to have funds on the ready
    (Where there is a will, there’s a way!)
    I would need to devise a tall story
    To cover my tracks for a while
    To reach the nearest casino
    Involves travelling many a mile

    Yes, if I were to gamble tomorrow,
    I would need to have started last week
    To give seven days notice for savings
    That are “tied up”…or else , I could speak
    To a “soft touch” friend cum enabler
    Who was conned and deceived in the past
    And concoct some believable drama
    To convince them I need money fast.

    Every time in the past when I gambled
    I always planned well in advance
    I needed time, money and access
    (Gambling never happens by chance)
    What many CGs call a “slip”
    For me was more like a “plan”
    I would plot and manoeuvre in secret
    To remove every barrier or “ban”
    The devious scheme would develop
    In my mind for nights and for days
    Resulting in an obsessive intention-
    To conjure up new gambling ways.

    Today my thought process is different.
    I refuse to call gambling a “slip”
    If ever I choose to gamble
    I know I will quickly lose grip
    Of every bit of reality
    That the last twenty months have restored
    So planning to gamble tomorrow
    In my mindset will never be stored.


    Really good!


    If you were to gamble tomorrow,

    You’d deserve a good kick up the arse

    It would be a ridiculous venture

    Not at all an adventure

    Leaving your pockets and pantry sparse.

    Excellent poem Vera 10 out of 10.


    “Rock bottom” would sound a bit more polite (HA!)
    Perhaps more effective and less of a fright
    Ridiculous ventures, risky plans and the like
    Such things are no longer part of my psych.
    While avoiding the “A” word that rhymes with “sparse”
    Remember that gambling is all a F A R C E!!


    Oh Vera, you’re such a cool cat

    I just could not think of that

    “Farce” what a word

    I feel such a nerd

    In fact, like a bit of a prat!

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