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    What is an addiction?Where does an addiction come from?  Why do some people develop addictions and others don’t? What can people become addicted to?  How do you recover from an addiction?

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    Today Charles ran this topic. I found it really helpful to discuss these points on addiction. Its a great reminder and it opens up the reason for coming here in the first place. A reminder for why i continue to come here and not to stop support.
    It also shows that from addiction there is recovery if we want it badly enough



    I’ve just registered on the site due to my gambling. I’ve lost all of my savings and have about 6 credit cards and a loan, as a result of gambling.
    I was gambling on football matches on a few different sites using my phone. I loved the rush of winning and the money won was almost secondary. As I said initially, I know have lots of debt and no savings whatsoever. My life will be fundamentally different due to mounting debt through gambling.


    Hello Steven. I am glad that you have registered on this site to get help with your gambling problems. It is best to start your own thread (if you have not already done this – I couldn’t see one that is yours) so that you can receive replies specifically for you and so that what you write and what you receive stays in one easy-to-find place. So, go to Forums, then choose My Journal, next click on New Topic at the bottom left of the page – you can then start your own thread.
    With all good wishes,

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