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    It’s a hard one as people can change but depends how strong you are! I think I am but done 750 today


    Hi Low Life.

    Maybe check the 20 questions they ahve on the Gamblers Anonymous website? Then ask yourself if someone who can control their gambling would answer as many “yeses” as you may find yourself answering.


    my own addiction was in a very specific area. i was able to try other types of gambling and not really have a problem. in fact almost all i gave up after quickly getting bored.

    i actually used a different form of, much more skill based gambling, to help get over my addiction. but i wouldn’t recommend this. at one point i was both a professional and a problem gambler, in 2 very different gambling environments!


    What is the difference between a professional gambler and a problem gambler. Surely the two must cross over at some point?


    Hi Mutley. That’s an easy one. Check out the GA 20 questions:

    No one who answers as many Yeses as anyone who needs to look at a forum like this one could ever be a successful professional gambler.

    I hope to see you start your own thread in the My Journal Forum, you can tell us a little about your own story there and start getting support.


    Group Fifty SixCan a CG ever become a controlled gambler?    Discussion Points  What personal beliefs do you hold about this?Have you ever tried, if so what was the outcome?Do you know of anyone who has successfully achieved this? 

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    Are you living in a dream world? There is no way that you can control gambling, gambling controls you, remember that. I’m sorry to be blunt but it’s the truth


    It’s almost like asking could a recovering alcoholic become a barman? Technically yes – but why would they? Millions of other professions out there, all of them better suited.


    I agree with Energized, my problem lies solely with slots. I could stick £10 in a pokerstars account, play a few tournaments and be no worse for wear. That aspect of gambling I’d be fine with, I’d be prepared to lose £10 in entry fees but at least I gave a couple of tournaments a go, I wouldn’t be anything like slots where I be constantly depositing chasing a bonus.

    Same for football bets, If an accumulator loses then sod it, better luck next time. I think everyone has their vices – the question really is can you gamble on things you think you have control over and still give up the vice you have?

    For example if I won £300 on as football accumulator would I be true to myself and withdraw all of/most of that money and be disciplined enough to stay away from my vice – the slots?

    All that being said I think it’s probably best to err on the side of caution and try and abstain from all gambling.


    If you hadn’t bet for a period of time then. I dunno let’s say you ‘found £10’ you told your partner and with that £10 they said or you said do a bet with it. Only that £10 was spent. Even if you didn’t find the £10. A one of bet to a CG for myself that is controlled.
    But it’s all the person.
    Self control
    If you told your self I’ll do a bet on Saturday and kept to that ‘one’ bet then that seems pretty controlled to me.


    Ok, I have bumped this Topic up the list so it will be discussed in the next Topic Group (8pm BST UK time next Monday).

    All views are welcome.

    I have my own thoughts on this Topic but will post them after the group.


    I’ll try to make it there charles


    Ok, thanks to all who gave input into the discussion.

    I will try and summarise the conclusions:

    We all tried to control things on our own – we weren’t successful or we wouldn’t be here.

    From our own experiences, and from seeing returning members here or at GA, we have seen that “returners” who have attempted to return to gambling have not been successful.

    In those cases often the addiction seems to want to make up for lost time – someone who had lost x amount in 5 years returned to gambling and lost the same amount in 5 months.

    Trying to switch forms of gambling doesnt work either – it’s a gambling addiction , problems with slots could soon become problems with scratch cards etc

    What have we to gain by trying to return to controlled gambling? Well IF successful I guess we could have that controlled bet now and then. If unsuccessful, well I guess we would return to being in the chit that brought us here in the first place. In many ways it would just show the strength of the addiction if we even considered that was a good gain/risk equation.

    I am sure there are points I have missed here, if anyone else who was there wants to ad anythign please do. And of course anyone is welcome to add to any of the Topics here.


    One point we missed in the Group tonight, Charles is that although we cannot control our gambling ever again, we CAN control whether we have that next bet.
    I control my behaviour today in ways that will not allow me to even consider attempting to become a controlled gambler.
    When my behaviour changed my attitude to gambling changed too.
    All to do with developing a different mindset , I think.
    I agree 100% with Mondo. Once we cross the line to the point where gambling controls us, there is no turning back.

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