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      Group Thirty FiveFighting the urgesDiscussion Points  What is an urge?  How frequent and intense are they?  How long do they last?  How do you get through an urge without gambling?

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      What an excellent article- really informative. Ive read similar stuff and its really good to keep it in perspective. Pretty cool how we really can observe ourselves like an owl on a lampost- and take notes of what is happening to us- while its happening to us. Funny how the mind worx.

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      Thoughts creep in my mind that my gambling is not really a problem and that I have not really lost that much. I have a mortgage free home, two vehicles, a job, husband who is understanding, money in the bank, retirement savings also. I worked all my life I deserve some enjoyment.

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      Hi Dorothy and welcome to the Forum.

      You can get a lot of support here and learn some of the things you can do to fight those urges successfully.

      I’d suggest you start a thread in the My Journal Forum and tell us a little about your situation. This Forum isn’t used as much and you will get a lot of support and feedback there.

      We also have live groups you can connect to and a one to one helpline.

      I look forward to reading your story and hopefully I will meet you in a group soon.

      You can stop gambling i promise you.

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      I just had a wonderful topic session with Charles

      what works for me with urges are if i out the urge, if i don’t keep it a secret. I text every member of GA i know and i tell them this is what i am thinking. I sometimes don’t wan to send that message but i do it immediately because this addiction is very sneaky, keeping it secret lets it fester.
      Getting it out there seems to weaken it somehow.
      I also get busy! I immediately start doing something that takes concentration, the other week i cleaned out all my clothes, sorted drawers, cupboards, did a jigsaw puzzle.
      I call people and talk on the phone. After a while those urges do fade they cant stay 24/7. If i keep doing things and also feeding my recovery it is easier and easier for me to fight these urges. It is difficult in the middle of an intense urge to think rationally. I remind myself of this when i have one and need to connect to others to show me how irrational i am thinking.
      After some time, of being busy, i realise, hey that urge is gone. I am then so pleased with myself and feel much stronger.
      Putting time between the urge and the action is the trick for me too. Not acting instantly on it, but stretching it out, waiting half hour, then another, no i won’t go till after lunch.. i won’t go for the next hour.. gradually they fade. Its worth the wait.
      Thank you for a great topic group today Charles


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      Thanks for the feedback and comments P. It was a good topic. You are right, time will weaken an urge as long as we don’t feed it or bottle it up.

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      good evening all, having beenthere and done it all and been to ;rehab’ I have succumbed too many times.. the end result is always the the same though, no matter how far you get in front it is never enough////////as you all know by now. My record is 2000 x times my stake and im not talking a £1 bet !
      I was happy but not ecstatic, just bet again to make it bigger like you do! and guess what? it won…..and again and again and again and I was playing with ‘POINTS’ not realmoney in my mind anyway…but then the ‘points decreased and I HAD TO GET IT BACK….but why? I was handsomely ‘up’ on the night, but oh no I had to get back to my ‘max’ profit…. so I did that..eaaaaasy, but then I had to round it up to a ‘precise figure,,,lets say ££10k to make it easy…… got close but no cigar….so roundnitnup to £9k and you know how the story goes folks
      I had the happiness in life without gambling……I was ‘cured’
      Dont take your eye off the ball, please……..
      I am happy to say today I have not gambled… im on day 4 now……………………………… I was on day (in the thousands) be aware be very aware and use your tools that are given and never forget them.

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      Hi All or nothing.

      Well doen on your 4 days. It is important that we put the same effort into our recovery that we do into gambling so apply the ALL part of your user name to the actions you now take. This forum is basically just used to advertise upcoming Topics and discus those specific Topics. I hope you copy and paste your post to the My Journal Forum where you will find a lot more support. Read the other stories there as well.

      Post there and I hope to see you in a group here soon.

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      Hello everyone l hope you are all well.l am at my wits end trying to understand how and why l have put myself in this situation because it’s hell on earth.l am feeling down and anxious about what l have done to my life l don’t care about the harm that l have caused my loved one’s it’s a crazy cycle this gambling addiction l spend a lot of my day reading lot’s of people’s stories and it helps me get through the day it’s been almost1mth since l gambled l struggle everyday not writing.l spend a lot of time in my own head nobody or nothing seams to matter any more so many selfish things going through my head.l just want to be normal l just want normal things in life this gambling addiction is the worst thing to have faced as it’s so hard to not think about it as all the evidence of pure and utter destruction is in my mind.
      One more day goes by the Sun is shinning and l am confused and angry with this addiction hanging over me probably for the rest of m9life.
      I hope and pray to God that he gives me the will power and the determination to overcome my addiction as hard as it seams l only have God left in my life that can give me the power to overcome this horrible addiction..l have been on this site for3 4 weeks and l find you all looking for peace and a cure for this horrible gambling addiction.may God bless us all and give us the courage to overcome this evil addiction.
      We can do it we have to for ourselves and our loved ones.
      God bless please take care of yourselves.

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