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    Group Forty TwoMotivationDiscussion Points  What is your motivation for change?  How do you know you are motivated?  How can you maintain your motivation?

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    This Topic Group has been discussed many times now as it works it’s way around the Topic loop.

    One of the points which usually comes up under “How do you know that you are motivated?” is what you are prepared to DO. What actions are you willing to take, maybe even what actions that you don’t particularly want to do are you prepared to take?

    Now I’d say that is certainly true of stopping gambling and recovery but of course it’s also true for many other things.

    I haven’t had a run in a while, keep meaning to but procrastination and other things coming up have stopped me. It’s not that I love running but I do love the atmosphere in taking part in the odd half marathon etc To do those I need to keep up the running in between. Anyway I was on the way home after walking the dog at the weekend and some other jobs came into my head, other reasons not to go for a run. I’m glad I remembered this Topic and gave myself the boot from behind that I needed.

    So ask yourself – what do you want to achieve? Are you motivated? What are you going to DO to achieve it?


    I know when am motivated.. when i start puting more effort to achieve my goal thats when i feel i have beeen motivated

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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