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      Dealing with guilt and shameDiscussion Points  How much guilt and shame do you carry around?  Can guilt and shame be harmful to you?  How do you process it in a healthy way?  Can the memory of it be used as motivation for the future?

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      Hi you should try not to feel guilty when you have any sort of addiction. It can be hard just to talk about it or open up to someone close to you but like this site there is help out there. I went through a sticky situation myself and was gambling on a heavy basis but now i literally don’t gamble at all and just try to help people who are going through the same situation that I went through. You can get help either through self will or through gamstop or plenty of websites ou there that can offer help such as the official gamstop site or literally people that can explain the situation as they have been there before such as or even just a family member. I hope you find help and go on to use it as a motivation for the future, good luck!

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      Liam’s Mommy

      Just tonight I reached rock bottom. I lost $1600 in less than an hour. I am so ashamed that my gambling addiction has been a problem affecting my family to the extent we could lose everything. I need to come clean to my husband but I am so ashamed, embarrassed and scared that I am tormented by the guilt and have hidden it all til the point I wish I was never born.

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      Hi Liam’s Mommy, I guess the most important thing to do if we feel guilt or shame is to stop doing the things that cause that. It is a tough addiction and those feelings can be replaced by pride in having the courage to tackle it. When it comes to telling your husband there is no easy way of course. It is better though to not just present the problem – now you can tell him what you are going to DO about it. Connect to some of the groups later and I can tell you some of the actions you can start taking, or you can connect to the Helpline. This Topic is running later as well, check out the full schedule. I also hope that you start your own thread in the My Journal Forum, you can get a lot of feedback and support there and and it helps to be able to read back as you progress in recovery.

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