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      Group Twenty-two Triggers Discussion Points Ask the groups to discuss their own triggers and talk about personal experiences of managing them.

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      Triggers that can make you gamble

      ⦁ Arguing

      ⦁ Money problems

      ⦁ Debt

      ⦁ Relapsing

      ⦁ Lack of talking

      Unpleasant feelings such as stress, depression, loneliness, fear, or anxiety can trigger compulsive gambling or make it worse. After a stressful day at work or an argument with your spouse or coworker, an evening of gambling may seem like a fun, exciting way to unwind. But there are healthier and far less expensive ways to keep unpleasant feelings in check. These may include:



      Breathing exercises;

      Sensory relaxation strategies; or

      Spending time with your family

      People begin gambling for a reason and, even after you’ve quit gambling, the unpleasant feelings that led you to begin gambling are likely still there. An important element of recovery is to find alternate ways to handle these bad feelings without gambling. Plan ahead for stressful situations, “bad days” and the other unpleasant things which happen to all of us from time to time, and come up with a strategy for how you will deal with them when they coIt is normal to get urges – often strong urges – to gamble when you are in recovery. The urges can be difficult to resist, but it gets easier as you learn to make healthier choices and build your support network. When you feel an urge to gamble:

      Seek Support

      Call your sponsor, attend a GA meeting or talk to a trusted family member or friend

      Do Something Else

      Create a distraction for yourself by finding a more constructive activity such as going to the gym, cleaning the house or pursuing a hobby

      Take Things a Little at a Time

      Tell yourself that you’ll wait an hour, or thirty minutes, or even five minutes — however long you think you can hold out. As time passes, the urge to gamble may weaken or pass

      Think About the Consequences

      Remember all the times you’ve lost … even when you were positive “this is the time!” Think of the better things you could do with your time and money. And think about how you’ll feel after you’ve lost your money and have to go home, knowing that you’ve disappointed yourself and your family again

      If you can’t resist the craving, it’s important that you don’t use it as an excuse to give up. Recovering from a gambling addiction is not easy, and you may slip from time to time; the important thing is to learn from your mistakes and continue working towards recovery me

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      This is nice. I’m not afraid to admit I’m not perfect. We all need to know, We are . My past actions offend me. my deep breaths and positive motions are unnoticed. My life is in my hands. I can be happy

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      It’s March 2021*
      The triggers that make me gamble, #1, stress. Stress comes in all forms. If I said stress aloud, it would cause me stress. Yes, believe it or not, I’m be of those people, 1 out of 500, who have had stress their entire lives. I was too young to know it, but old enough to know when someone doesn’t care. So, due to this admittance, I am prone to isolating, and my own self-loathing. I started gambling,when I was a month from paying off my car,and there was no heat in the car, or house. I had come to realize I was better off homeless, than take the wrath of simply missing work, when the transmission died on the way to work. I have had multiple surgeries, abusive relationships, and responsibilities brought on by others causing me harm. I became a repeat offender of, wanting to help others, not myself, and such others taking advantage of my resources. Repeat, surgeries, poor, self-loathing. I’ve let go, that casinos are not the place to go when I’m sick, depressed, and managing a problem. I’ve let go that I can’t let go of feelings that overwhelm me, but I can remove myself from what’s causing them. I started my fifth job, this past week. I made it in every day. If I’m allowed to keep my car, it’s going to take months to catch-up on the payments. I revered not going to the doctor, because I’ve been in/out so many times, it’s stressful, causing me hallucinations, from living under pressure of following a doctor’s advice. I have recurring pain I live with daily. I have recurring anger from Dr not listening to me. I pay taxes but the local government has put my life in danger, and I do not trust anyone. Yes, I drink, but it’s better than the hundreds of bottles of nsaids I’ve taken. I’m an occasional drinker. I like do get drunk once a year, I’m alcoholic, but I use this alcohol to keep me happy, but I drink. I’m gamboholic, but I like to gamble. Today, Lord, help me find my pain, my results, of gambling, drinking, and anything else reckless to keep me from self-loathing. Thankyou, for the jobs, and letting me know I can’t be a part of toxic relationships work, etc. Amen.

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      I have been deciding that I cannot change, but I can change my habits. My faults are shared by 100% other people with similar life stressors. I can believe there is a different path, to change. I ve got $10 in my pocket, I’m not going to spend any money for 10 days, videos, or other. I pray for others, who have similar habits, and all those suffering, in one way or another. I’m glad for technology, to reach out to my kids on WhatsApp. This is my meeting today. Have a good nite!

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      Now that I’m off and on, about my gambling, so is the reflections of my body when I gamble, Triggers,?
      I realize I had none to argue with, I lived alone. Maybe the off and on of gambling, led to my calling in at work, searching for answers to other questions, I’m happy today. I spent 10 on online gambling torture games, it reminds me of the darkness I feel when a trigger takes over. The thing about triggers, is they are subconscious, and realitive. I find it annoying that I know gambling was a losing sport, and I tried and became stuck on it. The wonders of getting a free mailer. other people going, other people addicted, tv, radio, and even our former president. I even considering titling a book gambling, related not to gambling. Lol! Laugh, it’s better than beating yourselves up. I love gambling, but I gut to learn, new and wonderful things with money back, excitement, friends, etc. I can even have a drink and watch ocean 11, at home and save a thousand dollars. God be with me today, to take a step to stop gambling amem

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      You’re doing fine! Do not stop! Everything will be alright

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