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      Group FiftyResolving conflictsDiscussion Points  How do we currently resolve conflict?  Could we do this more effectively?  What impact does conflict have on a compulsive gambler?  Ask the group for examples.

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      I can manage most conflicts but the ones that used to trigger me most were work related. Having to be subservient to someone with worse ideas or skills is always difficult.

      For example when I worked in the NHS I had a flawless attendance record, I was never off ill. Sometimes I was 15/30 mins late (worked admin on flexitime not on call) and got into loads of trouble for this.

      Had loads of colleagues who were regularly off ‘sick’ they had no trouble. One was always ‘sick’ Monday morning when it was obvious she had just slept in and missed her lengthy train.

      So I got loads of grief for being 30 mins late, whilst having to be the work of others who couldn’t be bothered to turn up at all! Many of those regularly off did no exercise so I felt like my fitness was taken advantage of.

      Another time I found most of the photocopying was pointless and saved the office a huge amount of time and money. Instead of thanking me some people were too stubborn and falsely tried to prove it was essential to have all this pointless paperwork sat in cabinets that no one ever read.

      I won in the end but it was barely worth the trouble.

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      Hi Reenegized. Good points on this Topic. Check out the My Journal Forum. If you start your own thread there you can get a lot of feedback and support. Maybe post about the positive steps that you are alreaday taking to tackle this addiction.

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