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     Group EightPotholes along the way to recoveryDiscussion Points What potential potholes are there?  How can you overcome them?  Ask the group for examples related to their own recovery.

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    “Potholes” was last night’s Topic.
    Potential , obvious potholes are easy to deal with. It’s the unexpected ones that throw us off the road. Hit one on a dark night and you can end up with a burst tyre.
    Following last night’s Group, I had a request from a friend to attend a meeting on his behalf to take notes on a talk. I said yes. It means skipping my Tuesday GA Meeting. It also means going to a town which has a casino 3 minutes walk away. One that I frequented often.
    To avoid this “pothole” I need to do two things. Allow myself just enough time to attend the talk and leave my money and ATM card at home.
    In the past this would have been an ideal opportunity to gamble.


    Well done Vera, a pot hole avoided. Awareness is key. We can have strategies in place to deal with even the most unexpected pot hole 🙂


    Charles thought I should drop by to say how fabulous I find these topic groups – even when I have my own way of looking at things . They really make me think and I love how positive they are – I think it would be cool to ask site members for topics though – I’m sure there would be a great mix of ideas .


    Thanks I did it, please feel free to email any Topic suggestions to the office and/or post them in the Feedback and Suggestions Froum.

    Also, of course, the “normal” groups are here to discussion pretty much anything recovery related so for the times when no one has any particular or pressing issue they need to address you can always suggest a topic of discussion then..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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