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      hi guys…i m here because i have a big dilema…i have a job as a fleet manager at a local company and i olso have a “second job” as a poker player wich is my biggest source of income…my problem are related to slots machines.i lose control when i see them…i understand that one of the first steps to get rid of this gambling problem is to ban myself from casinos but if i do that i cant play poker anymore…i know most of the people look at poker as gambling olso but for me is like chess…i wont try to argue to anoyone or try to convince anyone that says poker is gambling that is not because it s really hard for me to explain why it isnt…but all i say im playing poker for almost 5 years now and i never lost control… But there is something more to add to my dilema and i hope you wont laugh at me…i almost always play at the same casino and that is because at this casino works a girl that i really like and i m starting to think that i m in love with her…so thats the big problem for me…because i dont need to go to play poker at a casino,i can play online but i cant stay away from this girl…i need to see her and need to talk to her and i dont care if i lose all the money i have but i would prefer not too and i ll do anything i can to try and stop playing the slots but its like swimming in the water and dieing of thirst for me…i know you ll say that i should talk to her elsewhere but the situation is more complicated than this…in that casino is the only way i can see her and talk to her… So if anyone has any advice for me and what should im glad to listen

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