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      Hi all,
      I still cant quite belive it but at last on the weekend, Evie will finally be able to stay with me over night. It has been such a long and difficult road but the progress has been amazing and I am getting stronger all the time.
      On March 19th 2010 my ex took my daughter away from me and would let me seee her. I had to fight through the courts, have psychiatric assessments, interviews with CAFASS, endless court appearances, and eventually after almost 18 months i was allowed access in a cotact centre every other week ffor 2 hours. That access was then granted outside the contact cnetre and for increasing periods of time and now she is about to leep at my palce and i have never been more excited about anything in my life :)) She is such a wonderful little girl, so affectionate and makes my heart melt every time i see her.
      Although I have not gambled for well over 2 years now. My journey is far from over. Life can still be very difficult for me at times. I am still extremely ashamed of what i have done, I am ashamed of having to carry my criminal record with me for the rest of my life. I was going out with a girl for almost 6 months but i broke it off recently because even tthough  told her all of my history, I was just scared to really commit to her for fear of me relapsing at some point in the future and destroying her life as I did my ex!
      Anyway, I wish everyone well in their continued recoveries.
      Mark x

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      Hi, I often come to the My Journal side to read and of course your thread’s title warrant to read more. First, I think it is just wonderful that you have come so far in your recovery, two years gamblefree is a huge accomplishment! Just reading what you endured to gain more visitation with your daughter speaks volumes. Just remember your past is your past but it doesn’t equal the future. I especially feel this way when someone makes a conscious choice to change their life for the better like you. You see I am a daughter of a cg father. You are giving your daughter the greatest gift by rejecting the addiction and she will be forever better in her life.*** Update more***Twilight(I believe we get our greatest strength from the hardest obstacles)

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