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      Hi, my name is Michael. I am posting here today as I need to stress my gambling has got to stop.
      Over the last 7-8 years my gambling has been irregular. I stop for 2-3 years then I would go through a spell of starting up again, enjoying it for a while before it consumed a lot of my life, time, energy and money. Over the last few months it has happened again. I started just placing relatively small sporting bets yet in the last 48 hours what always seems to happen has happened. My bets got bigger, my losses became more regular, and I chased them. I blew it.
      Its got to stop. I’m posting here tonight to try and give myself some closure. Thats it, finished. I don’t need this in my life. Yes, gambling can be fun, but when reality hits and it goes wrong it just isn’t worth the stress, anxiety and financial losses. It has consumed too much of my spare time which I could have used otherwise being productive and enjoying stress free.
      I’m sick and tired of it all; the wins, the losses, the near misses, the once mores. Its got to stop.
      Michael  – 1 hour gambling free.

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