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      Im Will and I began gambling at the age of 16, at my local bookmakers on roulette machines. For the first 6 months of doing this I did very well, and often left the week about £1500 up (which also happened to be my annual salary at the time). After this period is when I saw myself beginning to bet stupid amounts, not caring whether I won thousands or not. This is when I really began to change things around, and my girlfriend took hold of all of my finances and prevented me from having the bored moments which saw me at the bookies.
      2 years went by absolubtely fine, until I had an unexpected night at a casino with my friends (when drunk). Anyway, had caused me to start thinking again, about how if I had a lucky week like I used to, I’d be able to put the money to good use.
      Anyway, this had caused a small bit of gambling, literally only £50 a week and taking winnings and being happy. But in the last couple of weeks higher stakes and not caring about the outcome has got me worried. I’ve just lost £1200 (in 15 minutes) which was due to be transferred into my savings for a house deposit.
      Hope this doesn’t sound like a stranger pouring their life to you – but I really worry about the future, and want things to be able to change forever.You never see a bookie on a bike.

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