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    My name is james. Im 24 and my gambling on them ****ing FOBT in the bookies has got out of control. Im £3000 in debt and getting really depressed about it. I know £3000 to some people on here is not alot of money but to me it is as im ment to be saving for a mortgage with my girlfriend. She has no clue of my gambling problem and would leave me if she found out. I would be lost with out her because shes the girl of my dreams and fantastic. I have self excluded myself from all bookmakers in my local area and am determined to stop. Its like a mental illness at times its all i can think off. Im fairly tight with money but for some reason dont think twice about spunking £300+ a time on these ****ing machines. I generally do enjoy them but also hate them. its so wierd. Im £3000 in debt and could lose evry self dignuty and my girlfiend if she found out but still i cant stop. My plan is to never go on these machines again as im confident i can do this. Im also going to save £50-£100 a week and try claw back the £3000 in debt i am without my girlfiend finding out. I know im a scumbag and she deserves to know but i will lose her and i cant!
    I have not gambled since sunday, & im feeling ok. If i could have anybodys advise and suport would be greatly appreciated. thanks james

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