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      I came out of the GA meeting and wrote this poem. Just felt I needed to.

      Tonight I spoke my GA therapy,
      But I felt that it was not right for me.
      I actually got embarrassed and upset,
      Which was something that I did regret.

      There were many things that I needed to say,
      But they didn’t come out, the right way.
      I said things that weren’t that important to me,
      Which was not really not meant to be.

      I have to learn to trust those in the GA meeting,
      Because their help is something I’m seeking.
      But to me trusting people is very hard,
      I feel totally and utterly scared.

      I wish that I could speak to them again,
      As my therapy hopefully would not be the same.
      I would try to tell them what is really going on with me,
      Maybe then, I will become gambling free.

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