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      Throughout my short time back here at GT, I’ve found myself considering everything that gambling has robbed from me. We all know the most obvious thing is money but I’ve come to realise that for me it’s so much more. I thought I’d start this topic so that we could be reminded of what the gambling monster has taken from us should we ever be tempted to stray again, since it would seem that previous financial loss is rarely enough to stop us.
      I mentioned in my journal recently that just before I came back here I had won quite a large amount of money. Obviously I lost it soon after but when I won, I felt nothing inside. Any normal person would delight in winning thousands but not me. All I wanted to do was carry on gambling and that was the only reason I was glad of the win…The word made famous by The Simpsons sums up my reaction-‘M’eh!’ Total indifference. So it would seem that my gambling monster has taken positive emotion from me. Nothing makes me excited anymore and nothing seems to make me happy. This weekend Im going on a stag do abroad. I should be looking forward to it but instead I feel nothing and could not care less even though I’ll be with good friends in a hot country.
      Gambling has robbed me of good emotions. What’s it robbed from you?

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