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    My husband have poker n drinking addiction that take me down .some times I can’t take care of myself n daughter too.i m very depressed.he pla on daily bases or drink and he is nt at all interested in taking to me if we talk than that convert into fight .i feel helpless.if I tell this to my father hubby says I humiliate him in front of my parents .he has been hospitalised co of this habits as he dnt take meals if he is into all this .last time I speak to him he said I m down with my business’ that’s why. Need money that’s earn from playing poker .i feel helpless.he clearly told me that he can give me more than4 hours in a week.i love him but he is uncontrollable ,he mentioned that I can’t stop him from anything.he said off dnt play poker or dnt drink what should. Do after coming back from office.he do go to office as. Dnt let him sit at home.after coming back from hospital he stopped all this for almost month .now again he started .he said leave me alone .its hard to carry our relationship .i dnt know wats my fault is ?i take care of his home n though I live in Jon family .i kept on thinking but at the end I can’t find answere .he says why do you go for dance class why u go to parlour why you speak to ur fronds n relative on call.did I ever stop you .even he says that you dnt like me seeing others gals so I dnt do that though I have options .i m speechless here he totally negative guy now …he find negativity in my jokes even …..he says you nag me .you dnt want me to do anything.but I told him you do repeatedly … When I talk to him it takes me down as a person I dnt even feel confidence in myself …. Help me Live n let liveLive n let live Quote PostLive n let liveLive n let live


    I speak to m hubby about problem of gambling though he dnt admit tha he have gambling problem .But yes he listen to me very nicely . With the help jenny(gambling theraphy) I got motivation to speak to him about the problem of gambling which is effecting ourselves n my toddler .yesterday I MSG him that he is not bad guy but the habbit of drinking n playing poker and for that staying out of home at night is disturbing me .i told him you are booze brain when you drink while plaing poker .he agreed pon cause that he play poker and stay out of home which is not right for our relationship . With help of Jenny I speak to him politely about our life.i was not at all able to talk to him .jenny talked to me in such a way which help me to build confidence in myself Myhusband told me that I Won 50k with gambling in three days .it could be right for him.he said he play for living .he claims that i m nt ambler who is selling everything for gambling .he says I take of my office after office cnt sit at home I have to do something .in this case I dnt know what to answere him . Is it right to letting him g every hit out with friends???? This is what I cnt accept .he said you nag me every time I go out I only nag because things are going on regular bases … I told Him I talk to you very nicely .change your self .i have given him one week to manage all this else there is no other option apart from living separately ….as we are two different personality we valve to think alike n over come habbit which are effecting our family life … Live n let live Live n let live


    Hi Sarah, a warm welcome to the Gambling Therapy Friends and Family forum.
    Having found us you have also found a diverse community of other friends and family members who can support you on your recovery journey.
    Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment and by reading others stories am sure you will see that you are very much not alone in the issues that you describe.
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    Take Care
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    Hi Sara
    As we have had a long chat together I wont write here but I just wanted to say that you are in my thoughts and I hope to see you in group again.   Unfortunately the forum does seem slow at the moment – it happens as members leave to ‘live’ their lives and move on.  
    I have already welcomed you to an F&F group but have just noticed I had not welcomed you to your own thread – so I  welcome you now.


    Thank velvet
    Talking to you strengthen me from inside yes I have more control over myself now I can take care of situation smartly.but my hubby still playing poker ,yes he is agree upon fact that he is dating prob to family Live n let live

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