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      My gambling started around 2 years ago. I started working for a well known gambling company. I remember placing my first bet and I enjoyed it, it was ok back then I wasn’t betting loads or spending a lot of money it was just a bit of fun.
      Over the next few months I started betting more and more, on my days off I would spend my day putting on bets and watching races. I still believe back then it wasn’t a problem I was still enjoying it and I could afford it.
      Over the last sort of year or so it has got bad, I don’t only just bet on horses I also now play casino games too.
      I have now decided enough is enough my partner found out I was spending a lot of money on it and they have told me I either stop or we are done which I don’t blame them for. I want to stop, and I believe that I can. In the past when I do stop I stop for around a few weeks and then one day it starts all over again, it’s mainly when I am bored or have nothing to do, when I am occupied I don’t even think about it.
      I have probably spent around £3,000 since I have started, maybe more. I have won a decent amount but I have definitely lost more. I feel ashamed that I am doing this to my partner, I have signed up to gamstop and Gamban. I don’t deposit large amounts of money it usually starts with £5 or £10 but I will deposit that amount usually 5 or 6 times in a day which adds up.
      I have joined here as I know there are other people going through this and I’m hoping it will be a support network and push me to not go back to gambling. I really am done with it and I know it’s a waste of money and there’s only one winner in the end which is not gamblers, working within this industry I already know this.
      I am positive that I am done with it. Today is my first day and I know it’s only day one but I have not spent anything today. Day one of my journey to a better life starts today….

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      Hi TTC

      Keep posting and use your thread as a journal to see your progress.

      There is no overnight fix, it takes a lot of determination and patience to control gambling when it gets out of hand but you can receive the tools here.

      Just knowing that you will not win is sadly not enough when complacency plonks itself on your shoulder so keep talking – you can live happily gamble-free, I know, or I wouldn’t be here.

      Join Charles in his Problem Gambler Peer Support Groups or the New members Practical Advice Groups, you will be very welcome and understood.

      I wish you well and I will look for your future posts as you progress


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