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    All those years of pain
    Regret, then do it again.
    Lessons not learnt
    Bridges were burnt
    Friends say goodbye
    Why me? I cry.
    Then a time came
    When I had no one to blame
    Enough was enough,
    It was time to get tough.
    Finally I had to do
    Things I didn’t want to
    I admitted I was wrong
    It had taken way to long
     I tied up my money
    That really wasn’t funny
    I got to a meeting
    Wow what a greeting!
    I met people like me
    and heard stories like mine
    I didn’t have to be
     in trouble all the time
    My life needn’t be a joke
    I finally had hope
     Where my world had been hollow
    Recovery could follow
    If I put in the work
    I didn’t have to be that jerk
    Now further down the line
    Recovery is mine
    Family are proud
    And say it out loud
    I’m married and happy
    Life is no longer crappy
    I was sad all the while
    Now I carry a smile
    It didnt happen over night
    At times it was a very hard fight
    But now I know recoveries mine
    As long as I take it a day at a time!
     Im a poet and didn’t know it!

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