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      Hello All,

      I’m back on the quit train, ready to give my all. As easy as it was to type “ready to give my all” it’s very hard to truly 100% believe that. I know with time those thoughts will be believed more and stronger but I am struggling because I have felt the need to quit gambling so many times and have relapsed over and over and over again. Even I don’t believe my own words. I spoke with my wife last night about my gambling addiction and we discussed how she doesnt believe a word I say; and truthfully I have a hard time believing myself.
      I do know a few things. One, gambling is impacting my life negatively. It is causing so many issues (outside of financial difficulties). Two, it changes who I am. I’m not a person who lies. I don’t lie about anything except my gambling and my finances from gambling. Gambling impacts my outlook on life. Without it, I’m happy and motivating, positive and upbeat ready to make an impact in this world. With gambling, I’m just in my phone non stop. Isolating myself from the world as I get my “fix”, my “thrill” for the day. It’s very ironic without gambling I want to make a difference, with gambling I could care less what the world is doing because I’m in my addiction “zone”.
      I know accountability is key. I have tried virtual meetings but honestly, I haven’t really meshed with the leader of the meetings. Nothing personal, I just feel like she’s a negative person; and whEn I’m quitting I try to be very positive. I’m going to try to attend a virtual meeting from a different state (I live in US). I have downloaded apps to help me keep track of progress as well.
      With time, my quit can get stronger. One day at a time.
      I hope to connect with someone who is also trying to quit gambling as a way to hold each other accountable. Anyone interested?
      Have an awesome no gambling day!


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      Day 2. A little late tonight but I made it through today without gambling. Not a bad day. Not a lot of thinking of gambling and not a lot of “fog.” I know it’s coming though. I’m just trying to stay busy. I’ll see y’all tomorrow!
      Lets do this!

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      It was great to get through yesterday without placing a wager. I usually always bet on college football games but yesterday I just kept busy. I’m grateful for another day, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes today to remain free from gambling!

      Lets go!

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      Hi Craig

      It is a shame that you didn’t connect with the leader of the virtual meeting you attended but there isn’t a ‘one-way fits all’ for learning how to control your gambling. I am really pleased it has not dampened your enthusiasm to succeed.

      I facilitate the Friends and Family groups on this site so I apologise that I am not the person you are hoping to connect to but I read your post and I thought I would try and point you towards someone who would not only be willing to support you but who has stood in your shoes and who can offer you the most amazing help.

      Charles facilitates the gambler groups on this site and I have seen over many years how much he is appreciated. He will understand you and walk with you as you seek to find the man you want to be, the man I know you can be.

      Our helpline is here for you too, one to one and anonymous. They can direct you to the groups that Charles facilitates and they can also support you.

      Keep posting. I, for one, will keep listening.


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      First post. How come this feels so scary to me???? I know support groups work yet somehow I’m so afraid this won’t work for me. I haven’t been to the casino for weeks, but I know when payday comes, I’ll be so amped up just to go loose all my money again. It’s just hard to do this on my own

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