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    When you’re gambling,
    Life can be dark.
    Whether you’re an early bird,
    Or up with the lark.

    Some people can gamble,
    Without a problem, that’s fine.
    But for those who’re addicted,
    Well, they can never decline.

    They’ll spend all their money,
    Then maybe borrow, or steal.
    Lies become natural.
    Or at least that’s how it feels.

    I know this first hand,
    Because I’d done it for years.
    I didn’t have boundaries,
    I thought, “Nobody cares”

    But people did care,
    I was too blind to see.
    In my own little bubble,
    Just my gambling and me.

    I started on the bandits,
    And then the bookies shop.
    I knew I had to end this,
    But I just couldn’t stop

    Such a long time ago now,
    When I placed that first bet,
    I won the jackpot,
    And I started to sweat.

    I felt such a hero
    A quid for five p.
    In my own little bubble
    That bandit, and me.

    That was just the start,
    For my life full of friction.
    You see it crept up on me,
    My gambling addiction.

    I was just a boy then,
    My full life ahead.
    I should have been optimistic
    But I wished I was dead.

    I got my first job
    Mixing with the men
    They took me to the bookies,
    And it started off again.

    I bet on dogs and horses.
    I thought this is the life for me,
    In my own little bubble,
    That bookies shop and me.

    The bookies then I do recall,
    They had no tv sets.
    You’d have one eye on the radio speaker
    And one eye on your bets.

    No flashy lights no attractive sounds
    But still I got that buzz
    The addiction, it had sucked me in
    Because that is what it does.

    I was sixteen when I started work,
    I thought I’d have that job for ages.
    But I got sacked within a year,
    For stealing two colleagues wages.

    I’ll tell you more another day
    Its bedtime now for me
    But I’m not in that bubble,
    Not today, I’m in recovery.


    Brilliant poem Geordie
    Thank God the gambling bubble has burst


    Well done, really good.


    I love your poem Geordie.
    Might have a dabble at this myself, I always loved to write things down and was always great at a limerick! Lol
    Have a great day,
    Love K xxx


    Great poem Geordie


    Loved this poem brilliant

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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