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    Those gambling shops are everywhere
    Corals, william hills a betfred there
    It’s in the paper and on the Tele
    Taking food from our children’s belly
    Greedy And sneaky is what you will see
    Those gambling devil’s inside of me
    ‘Leave me alone. You’ve had the lot’
    Bingo or lottery. Cards or roulette
    Football or horse. What dog will win next
    I should never have played that very first time
    If I won that pot it all could have been mine
    Those sneaky greedy devil’s, laughing at me
    All that time I was blind to see
    What placing a bet has done to me…


    The numbers you pick, random or not
    The higher the stake, the bigger the pot
    Odd or even, red or black
    The dealers are trained, it’s part of their act
    The cameras are watching to see your next move
    Waiting to see how much money’s on you
    No more bets, the wheel has spun
    I went with friends and it was all for fun
    But now on my own the nightmare has begun


    Great poems, Shaun
    Now that we know what gambling does to us, let’s kiss it goodbye and walk away


    It’s all in our minds. All the best vera


    Very powerful poem Sean .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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