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      my story.
      I guess as long as i can remember i always gambled.  It started with family and fun at home when i was in my teenage years.  As i grew, a boat casino opened up 30 mins from where i lived.  I was so excited the first time i went.  gosh it was such as rush…and of course for some reason i won 4000 playing blackjacks.  For a 19 year old it was nothing i had exerience.  At 19 i was able to gamble because when the boat it international water they didnt care if you werent 21.
      i can home that first time and made all silly plans about how i would be a professional gambler….gosh sooo stupid and silly thinking back at those times. 
      Im 35 now….and ive gone thur sooooo muchhhh anyhow this is day 1 and i will continue with my story later gotta go

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