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      Hey guys this is my first post 🙂
      I have been reading up on all your experiences and loses and the ones of you who have overcome your addiction (congratulations) for a few weeks now. I don’t think i am at the point where i think i have a problem but deep down i think i may and so i will share my story with you. I am a little confused at what point you would call it a problem.
      Alright so where do i start my dad was a composilve gambler and drinker for many years and when i turned old enough to gamble he showed me the ropes, (backstory) i have been at university/school the most of my life so i have never had a lot of money but i always had fun and found gambling a hobbie and not a problem i have always paid my bills before going to to put a few bets on, i have never borrowed money to gamble i have never gambled a whole pay. I always have a limit when i go into put a bet on and have very rarely gone over that limit. I even have a health savings account that i put money into each week. Do i have a problem?

      I bet for the thrill of watching those horse run down the track or to make the sport i am watching a little more exciting. I can always afford my loses before i start. I just still look at it as wasted money and i could maybe save even more but its just the thrill i enough so much i do however feel ****ty about 50% of the time when i lose the limit i have set in place. Can someone put this into perspective for me so that i can continue or quit. Is it ok to bet with the appropriate limits in place?

      Thanks guys.

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